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A Wizz Air Airbus A320neo today collided with a ground vehicle at Gdańsk, Poland. The plane only arrived at the low-cost carrier’s facilities towards the end of last year. However, it has become the second new A320 of the airline to clash with a vehicle at the Polish airport this year.

Wizz A320
Wizz Air will be frustrated with another collision with its A320neo aircraft (not pictured) at the Polish airport in 2021. Photo: Airbus

Damage to the aircraft

The plane was about to head to Dortmund, Germany, but a vehicle on the ground had hit it on the nose. As a result, the aircraft appears to have received damage to its radome following the event.

Photos at the scene show that the conditions are icy. This factor may have played a part in the collision.

The aircraft involved is HA-LJC, which arrived with the Hungarian outfit in September. According to Planespotters.net, the plane is only half a year old and was delivered following production at Airbus’ site in Toulouse with manufacturer serial number (MSN) 10112.

Wizz A320neo Delivery
Wizz Air is a fan of the whole A320 family and is putting its faith in the variants of the type this decade. Photo: Wizz Air

A replacement was sent

The aircraft was getting ready to hit the skies for flight. Instead, another A320, HA-LJF, swooped in to take on the service.  According to RadarBox, it left Gdańsk Lech Walesa Airport at 08:25 CET to land at Dortmund Airport at 10:16 CET. The total flight duration was one hour and 20 minutes. Altogether, there was a delay of approximately two hours.

RadarBox W61661
Passengers eventually made their way to the German airport, albeit a couple of hours late.  Photo: RadarBox

A familiar incident

This occurrence is nearly a repeat of an incident that took place during the first week of January. A water-supply truck became wedged under another Wizz A320neo at the same airport. The aircraft was registration HA-LJB and it was being prepared for a flight to Stockholm, Sweden when the accident happened.

HA-LJB is also fairly new having arrived at Wizz’ holdings fresh from Toulouse at the end of July 2020, making it just over a year old. Planespotters.net shares that the unit holds manufacturer serial number 10092 and is currently parked. The vehicle reportedly caught on the narrowbody’s landing gear while reversing. Subsequently, the airport’s fire brigade had to be called, along with an ambulance.

Currently, there are no reports of any serious injuries to those at the scene. Nonetheless, Wizz will be hoping to address the situation in Gdańsk to prevent another similar incident from occurring.

Simple Flying reached out to Wizz Air for comment on this collision at Gdańsk Lech Walesa Airport. We will update the article with any further announcements from the airline regarding this situation.

What are your thoughts about this issue with Wizz’ aircraft at Gdańsk, Poland today? Are you surprised that two similar events have happened in the space of just over a month? Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment section.

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